First I would like to thank Ricardo (Clash Legacy) for letting be get inspired by his blog while building mine. Check out his project of how to build a Roguelike MMORPG game for mobile with procedural dungeon generation:

I will try to update the blog as much as possible with my development progress and other interesting information.  As the sole developer of my game, the road to achievement will be full of obstacles and difficulties. That’s why I will work with achievement milestones instead of trying to rush through it.



I have used WordPress for a quick setup and for powerful plugins, more especially for the blog-like website.


I have used the same theme as Clash Legacy Ricardo’s blog: Crangasi.


From most blogs I saw, Disqus seems to be the best plugin to replace the WordPress’ OOTB comment section. It is free of charge and really intuitive for all people to comment.

Hosting and domain

I have decided to use 1&1 to host the website and for the domain name as all is included in a cheap package and their support can be really handy.