It has been 2 years since my last post. I had tough time to keep the website alive while I was developing, keeping being active on Twitter, and working on my daily main job as well as taking care of my family.

So much has been done since then. The game has gotten a new face.
And I am happy to announce I am very close to release an alpha version on the Google Play Store (Android).
The alpha version will approximatively contain 3/4 of the full game for 20+ hours playable.

What is remaining to actually release on the Play store:
– My writer/journalist wife is rewriting all the texts
– Get some new languages in the game in addition of English. For now I will focus on: French, German, Polish, Italian and Spanish.
– Increase the capacity of my AWS server for the online part of the game as it is now running on the free tier which is good but very limited.
– Prepare the release on the store: Localization, pictures and kickass video trailer (this part will be commissioned), get it validated by Google…

What’s next?
– Port my game created with Libgdx onto iOS thanks to Robovm
– Finish the last 1/4 of the game.

I will keep this website updated, at least more often !!

I have created a Twitter account and a Facebook page for the project.

Feel free to follow and like these pages if you do not want to miss anything out!