Games by Monbots Ltd

1) Monbots RPG

Monbots RPG is a free game and can be played entirely without the need for in-game transactions.
An old school RPG , JRPG , monsters taming and capture type of game.
The world has been taken over by robots called monbots. You will be in charge to retrieve pieces of code spread to all corners of the world to get rid of the monbots threat once and for all.
During your adventure you will be able to collect monbots’ armor and fight to be the best hunter who existed.
Do the right choices and embrace your good side or your dark side.
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2) Wizard Sign: Magic Touch

Wizard Sign is a side-scroller where you will encounter enemies you can eliminate by drawing the sign of a spell with your finger.
You will go through randomly generated maps with randomly generated enemies. You will go through different themes: prehistoric, temple, desert, mountains, hell,… And at the end of each level, if you performed well, you will unblock new spells.
Can you become the best wizard on the leaderboard ?
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