Monbots is a project I have been nourishing for years, and still in progress. It is being developed for the Android and IOS platform at first but I am thinking about releasing a PC version as well, which will be available on Steam.

The game is an RPG with turn-based fights. You will be following a story allowing you to make choices that will affect the rest of your experience. You will be doing missions for guilds, having to choose among opposite clans: Thief vs Police, Assassins vs Vigilantes, Warriors vs Druids… This will make the game re-playable upon completion.

You will be facing different landscapes, sceneries, from small villages to big cities, crossing caves, underground passages or beaches. A lot of hidden venues will be waiting for you to be discovered.

The player base will be mostly people who enjoyed playing 2D old-school adventure games.

About me

To introduce myself, I am Matthieu Cacciapalle, 28 years old, a French dude and hardcore video game fan.

Indeed, I have always been a geek. Played a lot on the Elder Scrolls series (Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim), selfishly modding these games for myself. I also spent a lot of time on various non-related games like Crash Bandicoot, Ratchetand Clank, Spyro, Battlefield, Fifa, Fable, Age Of Empire, Perfect World International, a lot of Gameboy Advance’s games and a ton of others…

It was therefore a no-brainer that I ended up doing my studies in Computer Sciences and Telecommunications. Along these years, I have always dreamt of orienting myself towards the video game industry and doing my own game. However, due to my terrible skills as an artist, I have kind of put that dream aside and focused on what I know: developing.

Finishing my engineering school, I have started a job in the Identity Access Management field as a Project Developer Consultant. This work has not only given me a lot of experience in the developing field but it has also given me the opportunity to travel, starting i Paris, then London and currently Brussels. This enables me to pay the bills, while I’m pursuing my dream on the side.

Talking about my wife, Paulina, she is a journalist/writer (in English) and she will help me a lot to put the right words in my story. Mostly because my English is not that great and still childish.

Here is a picture of my wife and me: