Monbots RPG – Full Soluce + FAQ

You will find below the full soluce as youtube videos and a FAQ at the bottom of the page.


1) Part 1:
– The beginning of the game, with the first captures and fights.
– The shop and heal house of West Bull Town
– Mission against the Monbots Ltd branch of West Bull Town

2) Part 2:
– The chef archeologist.
– The fight against the champion of West Bull Town
– Getting the first part of the mythological armor
– Reaching Blackrun

3) Part 3:
– The Blackrun Champion.
– How to get the first piece of your father’s code
– Assignment by Monbots Ltd (for this video I chose to join them)
– First mission at Vonigrad

4) Part 4:
– The last missions at Vonigrad.
– The brigde
– Reaching Heris town

5) Part 5:
– The thiefs missions (you can also do the police’s ones according the choice you did in the mine of West Bull Town)
– The Monbots Ltd Chief missions
– The Museum
– Heris town

6) Part 6:
– Crossing the Ice cave
– Crossing the mountains
– Reaching Flua

7) Part 7:
– Missions for the Warriors at Flua (you can also choose the Druids’ ones)
– Getting the second part of your father’s code
– Getting the 2nd and 3rd piece of the mythological armor
– Reaching Sharknatown

8) Part 8
– Missions at Sharknatown
– Sky area and Kami City
– Getting the 4th, 5th and 6th piece of the mythological armor: obtening the mythological armor as reward
– Reaching Silver Sun Town

9) Part 9
– How to get the Elementary Stone to evolve Monbeon
– Missions at Silver Sun City
– Missions with the Assassins (or Vigilantes if you chose to join the Defenders instead of Monbots Ltd)

10) Final Part
– The fight with the Final Boss
– The end of the game


– I am afraid to lose my progression / I want to play on different devices

If you got Google Play Games installed in your phone (which is pretty standard), Monbots RPG can save your progress on your Cloud.
For this, you just have to manually save during the game (setting the green button, the save button). Your Cloud save is then available on the main page of the game through the top right button.
Note: I always advise to manually save your game from time to time. An old gamer’s habit.

– Is your game with ads or inApps ?

Indeed, I offer the game for free and can be absolutely completed without the use of credit card at all. That’s why I have put some ads but be reassured, they are really not imposing.
If you don’t like them at all, you can buy the object Jammer Internet in the Boutique for 1 dollar. Not only it enables to play without ads, but you can also play offline.
As for inApps, they are not necessary to complete the game. But they can give a great advantage.

– I would like to play offline

You can do it by buying the Jammer Internet in the Boutique for 1 dollar.
As the offline mode was abused before to avoid displaying the ads, I had no other choice to include the offline mode within the stop-ads object.

– I don’t find Mythological armors. What are their drop rates ?

There is a 0.5% chance to find a random mythological armor for each wild encounter.
However, you will get 2 different mythological armors guaranteed during the game. One catchable at Kami City and one if you collect the 6 pieces of Mythological armor across the map.

– How can I insert codes inside the game to receive freebies ?

In the game, go to setting (green button), then the cloud button, then the email button and finally the code button.
You can insert the code there and you will receive an email to open to get your freebies.
You can try to enter the code NEW1611 for instance.

– I cannot find anyone to play online.

Unfortunately, because the game has not been downloaded to many time yet, it is very rare when someone is trying to play online.
However you can play with a friend in 2 ways:
Either you chose to set a code in the Fight Online module and share the code with your friend who will then insert it to be linked with you in a fight.
Or you can use the method above (with the codes) to save someone as friend in the online module. If your friend is then connected, you can click on his/her pseudo to directly propose a fight which your friend can accept or reject.
Note: if you manage to save a friend, you can use the online module to chat as well.
The chat module is not encrypted but is absolutely not stored anyway in my server.

– I am lost in my progression

Use your log book in your bag to have pointers on what to do.

– I want to find a specific monbot to catch

Use the interactive map (either from your bag or from the shortcut in the ingame settings). You can click on the map to check up the monbots locations

– What are the Exp Pills in my bag and how to fill them ?

The Exp Pills can be used to level your armors. To fill your Exp Pills, you just need to catch a monbot you already got. If you scan a Raptox but you already got a Raptox or its evolution, it will fill the Exp Pills with the experience you would have gotten by beating the monbot.

– How to evolve my armors?

In your bag lineup, you can click on the Detail button below your armor. From the detail page, you will see on the bottom left the requirements to eveolve your armor if it is evolvable.
The requirements are: A level but also a number of a specific monbot scanned already.
Example: To evolve Frigeon to Fridevilo, you need to be level 40 with your Frigeon but also you must to have scanned 8 Ifri.

– How to get Michael the ultimate armor ?

You need to have gotten all the armors and their evolution. Then you can go to the Boutique ingame, and click on the Michael picture. You will receive it for free.
Note: there is no possibility to buy it for real money.