Monbots RPG: 2D turn-based game with robots and mechas


Game is free and available on Android and IOS.

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Long time ago, human used monbots for all sort of things. Programmed to obey the will of humans, the monbots were used principally to do all dangerous, physical or bothersome actions. It was not unusual to see monbots being firefighters, gardeners, electricians, bodygards or just bag carriers…

One day, well known as the Death Uprising, for an unknown reason, the monbots freed themselves from the human’s obedience and rebelled. They killed many people that day.

Monbots Ltd company which created the monbots in the first place developed a new technology to equip people with armour based on the monbots’ one. This technology was world-changing: they managed to store pure energy in a customized backpack and making this energy able to transform into armours.

However, in their greed, Monbots Ltd did not release their new technology just yet. They let more and more people getting attacked and waited for them to be truly desperate. That way, Monbots Ltd was able to sell their technology at even higher prices. Not only they are considered as evil now, but their smartest scientists quitted the company refusing being part of something such malicious. Your father was one of these scientists and him and you are now living far away from all of that.

Yet, he is still working to definitely get rid of monbots once and for all…


Fight and collect robots and bring peace to a world dominated by evil monbots

Free game and can be played entirely without the need for in-game transactions.
Developer’s disclaimer: this version is 75% complete (around 25 hours of play time). I am doing my best to bring you the last 25%.

The world has been taken over by robots called monbots. You will be in charge to retrieve pieces of code spread to all corners of the world to get rid of the monbots threat once and for all.
During your adventure you will be able to collect monbots’ armour and fight to be the best hunter who existed.
Do the right choices and embrace your good side or your dark side.

  • 90+ armours collectible and to evolve
  • 25+ hours of play time in a wide and rich world
  • Smooth animations and skill varieties
  • 7 different types of monbots: fire, electric, water, gaz, earth, laser and normal
  • Multiplayer (alpha version at the moment, still under development)

A long adventure awaits…

While trying to save the world, you will have to go through different and rich areas.

Fight numerous monbots and collect their armours.

And finally, you will have to take sides and embrace their consequences, choosing the good with the Defenders or the evil with Monbots Ltd, choosing the police force or the thieves gang, choosing the warriors or the druids… But more important, will you be able to become the best and save the world?

A large world to discover

You will spend a lot of hours traveling and enjoy all areas of the game. Will you be capable to find all the hidden treasures?

What next?

Check the blog and the social media (mostly Twitter) to see the progress I am making on the game.
Thank you.