Wizard Sign – FAQ

– Could there be more dynamism and sign directly on the screen without the intermediary canvas ?

This actually exists already, you just need to go in the settings and enable the difficult mode
However, the game will be slightly more difficult as you could not access the spell summary while facing the monsters and you will need more reaction not to get surprised by enemies during your sign drawing

– Why should I start from the first time each time ?

This is how I imagine the game and the challenges that goes with it.
But, if you reach the mountain map at some point, each time you restart the game you will be offered to choose between starting back on the first map or directly at the mountain one.

– The map and the enemy change all the time ?

In fact, each level of each map is generated randomly so you will never encounter the same sequence of platforms. It is the same about the enemies generation

– How can I get the last spell: Instant Death?

As soon as you get 50000 points in game, you will unlock the Instant Death spell

– Why did my highscore not been registered ?

The game considers you finish a run when you go back to the main menu, either after a game over or after finishing a level. Your hiscore is sent to be registered at that moment

– I found a bug, how can I report it ?

You can send me your feedback at monbotsrpg@gmail.com . I will highly appreciate your help in improving the game !

– How can I get rid of the ads ?

I have make sure that the ads are really not intrusive. But if they are still bothering you, you can buy the “stop ad” module in the in-game boutique for 1 dollar. Thank you