It has been 2 years since my last post. I had tough time to keep the website alive while I was developing, keeping being active on Twitter, and working on my daily main job as well as taking care of my family.

So much has been done since then. The game has gotten a new face.
And I am happy to announce I am very close to release an alpha version on the Google Play Store (Android).
The alpha version will approximatively contain 3/4 of the full game for 20+ hours playable.

What is remaining to actually release on the Play store:
– My writer/journalist wife is rewriting all the texts
– Get some new languages in the game in addition of English. For now I will focus on: French, German, Polish, Italian and Spanish.
– Increase the capacity of my AWS server for the online part of the game as it is now running on the free tier which is good but very limited.
– Prepare the release on the store: Localization, pictures and kickass video trailer (this part will be commissioned), get it validated by Google…

What’s next?
– Port my game created with Libgdx onto iOS thanks to Robovm
– Finish the last 1/4 of the game.

I will keep this website updated, at least more often !!

  Game principle:

You will play the role of a young boy or a young girl going to an adventure as a hunter and collect fighting armors from wild, unstable robots (more or less rare and powerful).

You will be progressing according to numerous maps and encountering a lot of NPCs or other hunters who want to challenge you.

An elaborate storyline will put you in a place where you will save the world from conspiracies, make choices that will impact the storyline itself, choose the different guilds you want to achieve missions for…

The game is designed to be played offline, and I will add a LAN fighting multiplayer to play between friends. I might update the app with a WAN multiplayer later after the game release.

At that moment, I cannot tell you more but I hope the gameplay will satisfy you.
Current Progress:

I have been working on this project for more than a year already. Actually, not really, as I am far from working on it full-time: I used to spend about 2 to 4 hours in the evenings after my actual job. Some might say it is a lot but others will consider this as an hobby, which it is. At least it started as a fun thing to do during my free time, but then grew more and more serious. And now, it has become a project I really care about.

A lot of codes are already finished through the hundreds of java classes I have created. But there are so many pieces still missing.

Here, a non-exhaustive list of what has been done so far:

  • NPC modules
  • Animation modules
  • UI modules (will be improved with better skins)
  • Collision modules
  • Fight modules
  • List of skills, equipment, enemies….
  • Dialogs modules
  • Inventory modules
  • Save modules
  • Music and sound modules
  • Character modules
  • Event trigger and manager modules
  • Several screen manager (world screen, fight screen, menu screens, dialog screens…)
  • Global variables
  • And a lot more…

But there is so much missing still:

  • In-fight characters and NPCs images
  • Only 32 armors designed among the 135 planned for the release
  • World map modules
  • Only 45% of the cities, roads, caves designed and 35% of the storyline created and implemented in the code.
  • Others

A short video of the actual state of the project (not all functionalities are displayed in it)


I will be working with milestones and I will keep you posted on the progress I’ve made as much as possible.
Trying to have the best work-life balance between this project, my work and my family, this challenge is as interesting as tricky.
I hope finishing the alpha version by the end of this year. See you there !