After several months of development, I am happy to announce that my new game “Wizard Sign: Magic Touch” is now available in the Play Store in its Beta version.

Feel free to test it and send me your feedbacks on how I could improve it before the Prod release.

I will post some development logs as soon as possible. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer of the game:

I am currently developing a new game where you are triggering spells by drawing their corresponding sign with you fingers.

The maps are procedurally generated and the enemies are randomly generated as well.

The goal is to have the best score, in order to be the best wizard and to unlock new powers.

I will add new information and detail very soon here.

Thank you everyone for your support the past 2 years. It helped me to find the motivation to throw myself into creating this new game.

Stay tuned !

Indeed, you might have noticed the iOS version is available for download anymore.

The reason is simple: the iOS version was not a great deal at all for me.

On the year 2021, Monbots RPG was download 40 000 times on Google Play and only 150 times on Apple Store.
In addition the Apple Developper license costs 100 euros and needs to be paid every year (in contrary of the Google Play developer license that costs around 35 euros and lasts for a lifetime).

All in all, it was not interesting for me to maintain the iOS version available and this explains why I decided to drop it.