Indeed, you might have noticed the iOS version is available for download anymore.

The reason is simple: the iOS version was not a great deal at all for me.

On the year 2021, Monbots RPG was download 40 000 times on Google Play and only 150 times on Apple Store.
In addition the Apple Developper license costs 100 euros and needs to be paid every year (in contrary of the Google Play developer license that costs around 35 euros and lasts for a lifetime).

All in all, it was not interesting for me to maintain the iOS version available and this explains why I decided to drop it.

I have submitted the game into my Google Play Console to test it directly from there.

And after some tuning with the Expansion files (yes you can only upload 100 Mb as primary file, the rest of the assets being put in an “expansion file”), the game can be downloaded from there and run perfectly from the different Android devices I have tested it on. So I am just awaiting for some translations for the game and the release date will come soon.

I have also managed to port the game onto iOS. Thanks to libgdx and robovm, this has been done smoothly. A very few little hiccups but nothing I could not fix within a day.

The test I did on an old iPhone 5 shows that the game performs superbly well on that device. I am now awaiting for Apple to confirm my Developer account to post on the Apple Store and do some TestFlight to collect data on different iOS devices as well.

Things are going pretty smoothly !